The Tabernacle of David




This is the Tabernacle of David

The tabernacle of David was a state of deep intimacy with God marked by a love relationship. It was man to God and God to man. It was mutual admiration and pursuit of beauty between the Father and His children. It was worship.

An attitude of hunger and passionate pursuit of the Spirit will be the marker of this generation. It is clear that humans cannot effectively govern ourselves.  Humanity has tried every kind of government and all have failed to bring peace, equal treatment, and love.  We need our Father in fulness (both maternal and paternal) to parent us.  We need Christ to teach us how to serve.  We need the Spirit to guide us.  This pursuit is the Tabernacle of David.

  1. Confession of our inability to self-govern leads us to humility.
  2. Humility allows us to pursue the Father and experience His abundant goodness.
  3. The Father’s love leads us to the Son.
  4. Acceptance of the Son connects us to the Spirit.
  5. Connection to the Spirit awakens prophetic insight.
  6. Prophetic insight teaches us to love others and pray for people and governments.
  7. Hearts filled with love no longer need to be driven by fear and insecurity but instead by the love of the Father, the salvation of the Son, and the guidance of the Spirit.

We must walk and act by the Spirit. We must experience heaven so that we know how to enact heaven on earth.  We shall restore the reputation of God as we become a people led by God in mass.  God is good, very very good.  (For more see the teaching from Pastor Tom Inglis.)




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