Vision, Mission, and Strategy


 A ministry to ministers

Transformation through relationship filled with grace and truth
for the Queens, Kings, Priests, and Priestesses of the Kingdom



People who are transformed by the love of the Father, salvation of the Son, and communion of the Spirit set apart, physically rested, emotionally resilient and spiritually empowered to be Jesus in fulness of love and power to the world.

We are all connected


Strengthen the people of the kingdom through restoration, hosting the Spirit, and renewal.

  • Offer ministry families, individuals and groups a restful immersion experience at Dayspring Ranch and in Southern Oregon.
  • Offer Oregon and West Coast small and large group worship experiences.
  • Help provide counseling for populations that cannot afford it.
  • Strengthen kingdom ministers and ministries through sponsorship.


Help people move from vain religious practices to rich life practices that strengthen the body, soul, and spirit. These practices are habits of Christ and therefore vital for every person.


  • Demonstrate, teach, and counsel rest
  • Rest is a way of life rooted in the core teachings of the Bible


  • Demonstrate, teach, and counsel the pursuit of beauty and enjoyment in all aspects of life
  • Offer experiences that free the body, soul, and spirit

Relationship with God, self, and others

  • Demonstrate, teach, and counsel worship
  • Teach a way of life that liberates the whole person and connects us to the fullness of God, self, and others

Hosting the Presence

  • Demonstrate, teach, and counsel hosting the Presence
  • The same power that dwelled in Christ dwells in you


  • Demonstrate, teach, and counsel vulnerability before God and people
  • Fully embrace our human frailty and suffering as modeled by our Christ
    • The risen Christ never hides the wounds of his suffering but uses them as a vital connection to the world
    • We no longer have to hate the flesh because it has been made holy by the sacrifice of Christ


  • Demonstrate, teach, and counsel love
  • Empowered by the love of the Father, Son, and Spirit love every person
  • Love Him, ourselves, and every neighbor


  • Demonstrate, teach, and counsel service
  • He serves. We serve. You serve.

Spiritual Gifts

  • Demonstrate, teach, and counsel spiritual gifts
  • Restore, awaken, and impart spiritual gifts


Doctrine & Practice

Flaming Arrow’s doctrine is:

The love of the Father
The salvation of the Son
The communion of the Spirit

Our practice is:

Loving YHWH our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength
Loving our neighbor as ourself
Deut 6:5, Matt 22:37, Luke 10:27, Mark 12:30


Your tax deductible donations provide low-cost/free retreat experiences for ministers and their families, help provide counseling for local populations, provide worship and community events, and feed orphans in Peru.